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When you contact The Sullivan Law Group, know that you'll always speak to an attorney. Great pride is taken in the one on one service we provide. For this reason, we provide you three ways to get in touch with us. Those are via phone, email or text. We recognize that some people have never spoken to an attorney. The Sullivan Law Group makes it easy for all to have your questions answered promptly.

Barry N. Sullivan
P.O. Box 70413
Louisville, Kentucky 40270

Phone (502) 822-6322
Fax (855) 392-2175

Practice Locations

We do all we can to offer you the ability to speak to someone in your area. We have intake specialist from around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The main areas we service are Central Kentucky, Southwestern Kentucky and the surrounding counties of the Louisville area.

However, Sullivan Law Group will be happy to speak to anyone in the Commonwealth. We also cater to those individuals who are from other states but have had an accident in Kentucky. Because of our ability to utilize technology and frequent phone contacts, we feel like we can provide the care and service you need even if we are not in a position to meet you face to face. It is always the goal to meet every client. However, we recognize that meeting face-to-face may not always be ideal due to treatment, travel, employment and family constraints.

As time goes by and as we grow, we hope to offer satellite offices around the Commonwealth. It is unfortunate that we are unable to do so at this time.

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