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Auto Accidents

The moments immediately after an automobile accident are crucial. At the Sullivan Law Group, we have experienced personnel on hand to evaluate the merits of your potential claim and to ensure your protection. Our process is simple. When you call on your behalf or a loved one's behalf, we obtain as much information about the accident as possible. Your case is then evaluated by an attorney to help determine who is most likely at fault.

We'll contact the insurance company or companies on your behalf. If you are treating, we only ask you to provide us all medical bills or correspondence related to the accident that you have received and to make all medical appointments. The rest is in our hands. We assist you in obtaining medical treatment and paying for that treatment with personal injury protection (PIP). We keep you informed about the status of your claim and will inform you about any potential settlement offers.

In addition, we work with any medical providers in order to settle any medical bills not covered by PIP. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest possible return on their claim. Because 99% of our cases end in settlement we never charge more than a 33% contingency fee. In other words, if we don't settle your case, we do not get paid. And, as a paperless company, we never charge for costs. This enables our clients to receive the most they possibly can from a settlement.

Our goal is to provide you with a worry free experience.

Other compensation you may be entitled to includes:

  1. Payment of present and future medical bills
  2. Medical treatment
  3. Wage loss reimbursement recovery of future earnings
  4. Rental car reimbursement
  5. Repair or replacement of your vehicle
  6. Payment for pain and suffering

We look forward to providing you with the best personal service possible. Feel free to call, text or email 24 hours a day with any questions you may have. We'll do an on the phone consultation and set up a meeting as quickly as possible in order to ensure you are properly protected.

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